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33 hours on the frontline of the NHS – podcast

The Covid pandemic has eased, so why is the health service facing its worst winter yet? And how is it coping with endless waiting lists, a staffing crisis and strikes?

From GP surgeries to pharmacies to hospitals, there is no part of the NHS that is not feeling under enormous strain this winter. Thirty-three months after Covid was declared a pandemic, Andrew Gregory, the Guardian’s health editor, and his colleagues spent hours on the frontline of the NHS to find out how doctors, nurses, paramedics – and the patients they treat – were coping.

He told Michael Safi how in one hospital he found demoralised, exhausted staff, ambulances waiting for hours and a seemingly endless battle to keep waiting lists down. Yet the pressure is also adding to problems outside hospitals, at local GP practices and even at high street pharmacies. So what’s behind the NHS’s worst ever winter – and what role is Covid playing in all this?

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