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A lot of people pitched in during Covid, but only Dyson got a tax waiver for it | Gaby Hinsliff

To support businesses and not public-sector workers says something revealing about Boris Johnson’s government

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. John F Kennedy’s call to public service, in what he termed the “long twilight struggle” against tyranny, poverty and disease, is more than half a century old. But it has felt strangely apt again during the struggle against Covid-19, which has had millions of people wondering what they could usefully do to help while medical staff risked their lives to treat sick people.

Teachers racked up untold hours of unpaid overtime. AstraZeneca developed a vaccine to be made available at cost. Owners of small shops and restaurants obediently shuttered them, despite knowing there was a chance that businesses built up over a lifetime wouldn’t survive lockdown. Those who lacked the professional skills to help found other ways of pitching in: shopping for neighbours, sewing scrubs at kitchen tables, volunteering for vaccine trials or donating to food banks. And millions sacrificed their personal freedom if not exactly gladly, then at least in the knowledge they were doing their bit for the greater good.

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