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AAIB Report: Airbus A320-216, Aircraft descended during go-around

The aircraft, an Airbus A320-216 (EC-KLT) made two approaches above the correct descent profile, on each occasion leading to a missed approach. On the second missed approach the aircraft initially continued descending and was not configured appropriately, reaching an angle of attack at which the alpha floor1 energy protection mode activated to increase engine thrust.

The aircraft made a subsequent approach, landing without further incident. During a subsequent event, involving the same operator and aircraft type (but different flight crew), the aircraft remained above the correct approach descent profile initially but descended below it later in the approach and performed a missed approach. The pilots in this case managed the vertical profile manually using a flight control mode with which they were not familiar.

In both cases the pilots appeared not to have understood when to commence the final descent to follow the vertical profile of the approach. The operator’s safety department has recommended improvements in approach training and strategies to assist situational awareness. The operator and air traffic services provider are working to gain a better understanding of each other’s approach requirements.

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