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After the northern beaches outbreak, we must be ready to change Christmas plans at short notice | Catherine Bennett

NSW knows what happened in Victoria during the second wave. This should encourage people to wear masks, test and isolate

Covid-19 is, by its very nature, unpredictable, and it can be difficult to compare outbreaks across settings. However, it is worth contrasting epidemic dynamics and public health responses in Sydney today with those in Melbourne in June given concerns that we might be on the verge of another large wave.

By 20 June in Victoria, 25 new infections were reported, with three of these in hotel quarantine staff, taking that outbreak to 10 and the state’s weekly total to 107. Even though the hotel quarantine breaches were a known source of community transmission, only 25% of new community cases were linked to known cases or locations at the time of report, meaning many infections might have been missed. The proportion of cases that could be linked dropped further to less than 10% soon after.

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