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An evil bear, a tinpot Churchill, a vile virus… My sketch show for our times

The Tories won by a landslide, Brexit got done, Covid loomed… and the Observer cartoonist Chris Riddell picked up his pen. Here he tells of his daily ritual

Just over two years ago, I sat up in bed and realised, with a sinking feeling, that we were at the beginning of five years of a Tory government. I reached for my sketchbook, drew a self-satisfied troll and felt marginally better.

This became a habit. Now, each morning while listening to the Today programme on Radio 4, I pick up a pen and sketch a response to the news. These drawings are loose and scratchy, the compositions uncomplicated and direct, and they do not take long. Once I have completed these daily sketches, I post them on social media, where they join all those other messages in bottles bobbing along on the cybertides.

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