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Andrews extends lockdown while NSW reports record cases – as it happened

ACT records 19 new Covid cases; snap lockdown for Greater Darwin and Katherine; NSW reports 478 new cases and seven deaths; Victoria records 22 cases, Queensland zero; Operation Stay Home begins across NSW. This blog is now closed

We’ll leave it there for now. Here are today’s main developments.

Epidemiologist Prof Tony Blakely has said the Victorian government’s decision to impose a curfew and close playgrounds is likely to help it curb the current outbreak.

Though he said he wasn’t going to “defend it to the death”, he added that it “makes sense theoretically”.

It is about the total package, so curfew is not going to tip the balance by itself but it will help. But when you have super-spreader events it will help and it will dampen down the mobility and number of people connecting with each other, that will help. But so will closing playgrounds. For example, I went for a bike ride yesterday on my 5km loop and it was a lovely Melbourne day and everybody was out and parents were pushing their kids on the swings, masks down, drinking their latte – it was a lovely Melbourne moment, if it weren’t for Covid.

These are the sacrifices we need to make. Why make them? Because if we stay at the settings we are now, where we’re not reducing those mystery cases and not reducing the number of cases of people infectious in the community, we’ll end up drifting towards New South Wales.

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