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Any Omicron restrictions will deepen prejudice against unvaccinated people | Gaby Hinsliff

Frustration that the virus still hasn’t gone away is increasingly being aimed at those who remain stubbornly unvaccinated

We’re not back into lockdown, of course, or anything even vaguely resembling it yet. Instead we are tumbling once again down the rabbit hole of uncertainty, into that wearily familiar world where every plan feels made to be potentially broken.

It’s back to the constant pinging of WhatsApp groups, just wondering if everyone’s still comfortable with the plan for getting together at the weekend; back to the Covid-era maths of counting backwards from whichever social highlight you really don’t want to miss this Christmas and then strategically cancelling anything in the run-up that might risk you getting infected, which explains why some firms are now scrapping the office party. Who wants to end up sadly self-isolating on Christmas Day, just for the sake of a night making awkward small talk with the boss?

Gaby Hinsliff is a Guardian columnist

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