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Australia has hospital departments ready to vaccinate people with disabilities. Why aren’t we being used? | Steven Faux

Vaccinating people living with a disability against Covid is difficult, but our rehabilitation medicine departments are ready to step up. Let us help

Last week a colleague was treating Sharon*, who had just had a brain injury, in a major teaching hospital in New South Wales. Her rehabilitation was progressing well, when her family announced that she had to leave the hospital for her booked vaccination with her GP. She needed transport, and a public bus was out of the question. Already confused from the injury, staff tried to explain that she wasn’t going home and that her dinner at the hospital would be kept warm, but she left perplexed.

Vaccines were in the building, at the hospital that was treating her. But Sharon was not able to have that vaccine administered by the professionals that know her and her condition well. The vaccinations on site were only available for hospital staff.

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