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Australia news live: Melbourne announces new Covid quarantine facility; Frydenberg talks up budget plans

Victoria says 500-bed $15m facility to be built in Mickleham; Australia’s medicine regulator expected to determine whether death of two men in NSW linked to coronavirus jab. Follow the day’s news live

Commonwealth prosecutors have refused to drop their pursuit of tax office whistleblower Richard Boyle, prompting a withering response from human rights lawyers, who say the case is “profoundly wrong and unjust”.

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The Covid committee has wrapped up its hearing for the day – the tourism industry was the focus of today’s information gathering.

It was some very well trodden ground – understandably. Not a lot has changed for the tourism industry in general – it is still in trouble, it is still struggling and while some measures have helped, small operators are struggling with visitor numbers well down on what they are used to.

Simon Westaway, the executive director of the Australian Tourism Industry Council, says with the vaccine rollout delayed, it’s impacting travel plans further – a faster vaccine roll out will mean people feel more confident to travel, he says.

It would also presumably mean the government would feel more confident in opening the international border. But that is still some time away.

Corporate travel is still down – companies don’t want to risk sending someone interstate in case there is a lockdown.

Essentially, tourism and hospitality bosses still want the states and commonwealth governments to come up with some sort of financial plan for businesses, which suffer each time there is a sudden lockdown.

There was also an update on those discounted flights – of the 800,000 which were available, about 20% are left.

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