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Australia news live: News Corp photographer condemns ‘toxic’ sexism at tabloids; OECD election too close to call

Anna Rogers tells parliament she was discriminated against by the Murdoch empire for being female; no clear winner in OECD race; PM rejects claims of favouring Coalition and marginal seats through tourism package. Follow all the latest updates, live

The Herald Sun today reported that Victorian police and emergency services minister Lisa Neville has gone on holiday to Queensland while she is on sick leave from the state government.

Neville has taken three months off on medical advice from her doctor after she faced serious complication from Crohn’s disease, which she has lived with for many years.

I’ve heard criticisms from the opposition that this doesn’t pass the pub test. I spend a bit of time in pubs.. and I reckon this does.

AG @JaclynSymes on @LisanevilleMP in Port Douglas while on sick leave.
“Where she chooses to rest is a matter for her,”
“I’ve heard criticisms from Oppn that this dosent pass the pub test – I spend a bit of time in pubs.. and I reckon this does.” @10NewsFirstMelb #springst

Sims has been asked about the dangers of the social media “echo chamber” whereby website algorithms can lead people to only consuming news from one political viewpoint.

While he said this was an issue he didn’t have any concrete strategies for how the government to contract this:

We did recommend that ACMA [Australian Communications and Media Authority] bring in place a disinformation, misinformation code, where they could have the power to take down – or agree on processes where the platforms would take down – deliberate misinformation, disinformation…

I think, trying to deal with the privacy issues would also help because part of this is all the data that people have on you and how they can then target you. Beyond that senator … I just think it’s an issue to be watched and kept an eye on I don’t have an immediate answer as to how you deal with it, but I think it just needs to be watched.

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