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Australia news live: thousands of striking school students march in climate change protest across country

Student demonstrators call on federal government to do more on climate change; Scott Morrison says this is ‘worst time’ for Victoria to lift taxes; some Covid vaccination sites reportedly operating at less than a quarter of capacity. Follow live

The high court has turned down an application by Qantas workers and unions including the Transport Workers Union to hear an appeal over what they claim were the airline’s refusal to pay sick leave entitlements to stood-down staff.

Earlier today, we reported the story of a former Qantas worker who claims he was forced to take redundancy last year as he was battling cancer after the airline forced him from his sick leave salary onto a jobkeeper wage, as being at the centre of the legal push.

“It is a disgrace that sick workers have had to battle Qantas through the courts to use their leave while the Federal Government continues to pump $2 billion of taxpayers’ money into Qantas with no conditions on how it treats its workforce.”

“There is a pattern of behaviour by Qantas management whereby it is acting immorally outside the law or on the edge of it. It has denied sick workers their leave, misused Jobkeeper and outsourced its entire ground crew, and it has goaded workers that if they don’t like it they should take them on in the courts.”

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