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Australia politics live: Morrison considers cabinet reshuffle, NSW MP Michael Johnsen denies rape allegation

Brittany Higgins makes complaint over alleged backgrounding; Christian Porter reportedly to be shifted and Linda Reynolds dumped in changes to Coalition frontbench. Follow all the developments live

Australian officials have renewed their concerns over the extradition of Australian citizen Osama al-Hasani, 42, from Morocco to Saudi Arabia.

Lynette Wood, a first assistant secretary at Dfat, has been asked about the caseat Senate estimates. She says Australia had consular access to al-Hasani after he was detained in Morocco and had been aware that Saudi Arabia had sought the extradition, and made representations about that.

Australian officials in Canberra, Rabat and Riyadh have been active on this case, making representations to ascertain the circumstances of Mr al-Hasani’s detention, both in Morocco and now in Saudi Arabia.

We have repeatedly expressed our concerns for his welfare; we’ll continue to advocate for his interests and provide consular assistance to him and his family.”

The cabinet reshuffle that no one will confirm, but also everyone seems to have information on, is expected sometime before Sunday.

Jo Dyer, one of the longterm friends of the complainant who made historical rape allegations against Christian Porter (which he strenuously denies) says a cabinet reshuffle will not stop her friends from advocating for an independent inquiry.

To be crystal clear: moving Christian Porter into another portfolio does not address the issue of his fitness to hold high office while allegations he committed a serious crime remain uninvestigated. #auspol #christianporter 1/4

A high cost, high wattage defamation case brought solely to defend an imperiled reputation is not a substitute for an independent inquiry constituted exclusively to probe the veracity of credible allegations that remain completely untested. 2/4

The claim that an independent inquiry is counter to the “rule of law” has been comprehensively and repeatedly debunked by legal experts including current and former judges across jurisdictions as per, for example, Justice Francois Kunc of the NSW Supreme Court. 3/4

Kate’s friends will continue to advocate for such an inquiry regardless of any reshuffle. 4/4

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