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Australia politics live update: Labor targets Morrison over federal integrity bill in question time; Christensen ‘clarifies’ Hitler, Mao comments

Labor targets federal integrity commission as question time begins; Religious discrimination committee motion hits snag; George Christensen ‘clarifies’ Hitler, Mao, Stalin comments; Scott Morrison introduces religious discrimination bill to the House; Victoria records 1,254 new Covid cases and five deaths; NSW reports 276 cases and no deaths. Follow live updates

A special Victorian Roy Morgan SMS poll shows 76% of Victorians agree that an employed worker in Victoria should not be allowed to enter their employer’s workplace unless fully vaccinated, compared with only 24% that disagree.

Agreement with this policy is consistently strong across gender, age and location, although there are significant political differences, the poll found.

Let’s think about how this works in practice. If a teacher applies to work at a school, whether it’s Christian, or Islamic, or whether it’s Jewish or any other, and they apply to work at a school that’s got a clearly stated policy …

Look, I think that is something that would depend a great deal upon what that school is prepared to be upfront with the community about now. I’d suggest there would be very few schools that that want to be in a position where they’ve got to say to the community, that this is what we believe and we’re not going to hire people, unless they subscribe to a version of belief that is very, very strict on that front.

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