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Australians might be ‘living with Covid’ but aged care residents are still dying with it. Where is the outrage and grief? | Juliane Samara

As our nation mourns the Queen, I wonder who is mourning the anxious and frightened older people dying in aged care

Around Australia, thousands of people are mourning a 96-year-old woman who died in her own home, surrounded by family, having been active until the last days of her life. While she deserves to be honoured for her lifetime of service, I wonder who is mourning the older Australians dying every day with Covid-19 in residential aged care facilities across the nation?

People like “Maria”, who I met for the first time a month ago. She had chronic lung disease and a newly diagnosed lung cancer and knew that her prognosis was likely only months. She was exhausted with the effort of living – unable to leave her bed due to fatigue and breathlessness. She was anxious and frightened.

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