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Biden says US has enough vaccine for ‘every single, solitary American’ – as it happened

– Joan E Greve and Maanvi Singh

A study from the Williams Institute at UCLA found that 45,000 young transgender people could lose access to gender-affirming healthcare if proposed legislation in several states is made into law.

Arkansas passed a bill denying gender-affirming care for young people, and nine other states are considering similar bills.

Our new study finds 45,000 transgender youth are at risk of losing access to gender-affirming care because of proposed state bans.

The bills are part of an escalating culture war involving trans kids. As Joe Biden has vowed to protect LGBTQ+ people and a 2020 supreme court ruling protected trans rights in the workplace, conservative legislators have introduced more than 80 bills restricting trans rights – most that would either block trans kids’ use of gender-affirming care or limit their access to certain sports teams. It is the highest number of anti-trans legislative proposals ever filed in a single year.

Supporters of gender-affirming healthcare, including major medical associations, human rights groups and affected families, say that the treatments are well established and part of a gradual process that has been shown to dramatically improve the mental health of the most vulnerable kids. The bills, they argue, misrepresent the care model with false and fearmongering narratives. Trans teens who have received treatments say they would suffer serious harm if they were stripped of the care.

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