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Boris Johnson has made life miserable for poor families – our suffering is his legacy | Joanne Barker-Marsh

He’ll get to walk away from Downing Street, while the most vulnerable people in society will pay for his many failures

I watched Boris Johnson on the news, his mouth flapping, regurgitating those three-word slogans telling us to stay at home – and I believed him. He was locking down the country for our safety, he was looking after the nation, this was his job. What a huge liar our prime minister turned out to be. Even in the country’s highest office, he just couldn’t help himself. He disgusts me.

Now, when I see that mop of unbrushed hair on the news, I switch the channel. I can no longer listen to his grating, braying voice knowing how he betrayed his duty to me as a citizen of this country.

Joanne Barker-Marsh is a participant in Changing Realities, an Abrdn Financial Fairness Trust funded project documenting life on a low-income during the cost of living crisis. She was also involved in its predecessor Covid Realities

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