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Boris Johnson is peddling new lies in a desperate attempt to save his skin | Andrew Rawnsley

Ludicrous claims that he was brought down by a leftwing conspiracy show how frightened he is

I woz framed. Faced with overwhelming, slam-dunk, bang-to-rights evidence against him, the last resort of the old lag is to claim that he is the victim of a conspiracy. Ever since his eviction from the premiership, Boris Johnson has gone around protesting it was the “greatest stitch-up since the Bayeux tapestry”. This is not terribly funny and entirely untrue, neither of which deters him from saying it repeatedly.

He just can’t stop trying to deceive himself and everyone else about why he was removed because he can no more handle the truth than he can speak it. He is compelled to blame anyone but himself because otherwise he would have to face up to the fatal character flaws that self-incinerated his premiership. He will never find it in himself to accept that the architect of Boris Johnson’s disgrace was Boris Johnson. His hunger for a return to power is the other important driver of his ludicrous claim to be the casualty of a miscarriage of justice. The hopes he has of rehabilitating his reputation, and the dreams he still entertains of making a return to Number 10, depend on persuading fellow Tories that he ought not to have been drummed out of Downing Street in the summer of last year.

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