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Brandon Lewis says Troubles amnesty plan offers ‘best chance of giving more families some sense of justice’ – live

Latest updates: secretary of state for Northern Ireland makes statement on Troubles prosecutions; Labour says government too slow to deal with racism on social media

Sir Iain Duncan, the former Tory leader, says he served in Northern Ireland as a soldier. He says he would like to know what happened to his friend Robert Nairac, who was killed by the IRA, but he says he has accepted he will probably find the truth. He says, if we are to move forward, everyone will have to make “some kind of sacrifice”. He says his priority is to ensure the vexatious pursuit of former soldiers ends.

That sounded like a roundabout way of saying he would reluctantly back the plan.

In the Commons Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, the DUP leader, is just reminding Lewis and other MPs of killings of politicians, where no one was brought to justice. He says the concerns of victims must not be ignored.

His Commons question is not as critical as this statement, which he released issued to journalists a few minutes ago. Donaldson said:

The past is complex and we have always believed that any process to deal with the legacy of our troubled past should be victim centred. Victims will see these proposals as perpetrator focused rather than victim focused and an insult to both the memory of those innocent victims who lost their lives during our “Troubles” and their families.

Justice was corrupted in 1998 with the release of prisoners and then by Tony Blair’s on-the-run letters. Understandably many victims will feel that these proposals represent a further denial of the opportunity to secure justice for their loved ones.

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