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Call for Proposals: The UK Government’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund

Your project proposal should be based on the following:

  • Project objective: Support for and political prospects of achieving the two state solution are improved
  • Project outcome: Increased prominence of positive discussions around the two state solution in Israeli public debate


The funding period is 15 October 2020 to 31 March 2022.

The project will be managed under an Accountable Grant Agreement. Projects in this framework are not allowed to generate a profit for the delivery partner. Proposals from for-profit organisations can only be considered if an officially registered non-profit making arm or division of the for-profit organisation will deliver the project.

The successful bidder must be willing to engage closely with the British Embassy in Israel and our independent project evaluators. It must commit to deliver a project in line with HMG policy. This will include close cooperation during the inception and recruitment period.

The project should work with Israeli participants across society, and involve engagement with Palestinians (though not necessarily as project participants themselves). The proposal must demonstrate how the project benefits both Israelis and Palestinians. Bidders must demonstrate that they have an existing, diverse network in place to identify relevant participants.

The project must be able to demonstrate how it will adapt to the likelihood of continued Covid-19 related disruption to project delivery.

Applicants are welcome to bid for this in addition to the previous call for proposals. Submitting a proposal for this call for bids will not prejudice any pending bid.

Bidding process

  1. Proposals should be sent to by 17 September 2020. In the email subject line and file names, please indicate the name of the bidder.
  2. Bidders should fill in the standard Project Proposal Form (ODT, 57.1KB), and include a breakdown of project costs in the Activity Based Budget Template (ABB) (ODS, 10.6KB) for the entire project period. Please use the templates attached. We will not consider proposals submitted in other formats. Budgets must be Activity Based Budgets (ABB), all costs should be listed in GBP (not ILS).
  3. Questions relating to the call for proposals should be submitted by 6 September, and answers will be published on the UK in Israel website by 10 September together.
  4. The British Embassy Tel Aviv reserves the right to carry out due diligence of potential grantees as part of the selection process. Due to the volume of bids expected we will not be able to provide feedback on unsuccessful bids.


The maximum funding for the project is up to GBP 190,000 in financial year 1 – FY 20/20 (September 2020-March 2021) and GBP 480,000 in financial year 2 – FY21/22 (April 2021-March 2022). This may be in addition to co-funding and self-funding contributions.

Administrative costs must not exceed 10% of the total project budget.

Evaluation criteria

Successful bids must demonstrate strong strategic relevance to the project outcome and objective, and have a clear focus on delivering change an sustainability.

Proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Strategic fit to project objective – the extent to which the proposal addresses the issues
  • Quality of project – the strength of the Theory of Change, and the monitoring and evaluation framework
  • Value for money – the value of the expected project outcomes
  • Expertise – Evidence of: understanding of the context; ability to manage and deliver a successful project that includes dissemination activities and engagement across society, and an existing network of relevant connections
  • Gender-sensitive approach – bidders should identity the gender implications of the project, and demonstrate how this is taken into account in the proposal
  • Sustainability: an explanation of how the project outcomes will continue to have impact beyond the lifetime of the project
  • Risk management- the extent of which the proposal identifies serious risks, together with a management strategy.
    • Note: This must include detailed information on how the project would deliver its activities and outcomes under:

    • Different COVID-19 scenarios – including full or partial lock-down, and restrictions on local/international travel, for part or all of the project period. This would impact both project activities, and the need for a local project team presence
    • Different political scenarios – including annexation scenarios, elections and other potential sources of instability.

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