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Cameron predicted lobbying would be the next big scandal – now he’s part of it | Simon Jenkins

The former leader should be scrutinised as part of an investigation into Covid contracts blighted by cronyism allegations

One of David Cameron’s sternest predictions was that “the far-too-cosy relationship between politics and money” was “the next big scandal waiting to happen”. He was right. It has happened – and he is part of it.

When the Covid-19 pandemic is over, there will be cause for many inquiries. While some decisions had to be made at speed, balancing horrific risks against appalling costs, at no point did this reality apply to how public money was spent. When billions of pounds gushed from Rishi Sunak’s Treasury last year, the scope for abuses of the system was obvious. There was no case for neglecting normal procurement checks and accounting rules. Yet that is precisely what happened.

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