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Can Australia flourish after Covid? 10 steps to getting us there if we learn from history | Andrew Wear

Lessons from wars, pandemics, recessions and natural disasters have taught us that countries can bounce back and prosper

With more than half of Australia in lockdown, it’s difficult to think about anything other than case numbers, restrictions and vaccination rates. But perhaps sooner than we think, we will be able to see a future beyond the crisis. The question then will be: what next?

Lessons from past crises – wars, pandemics, recessions and natural disasters – have much to teach us about how we might approach our recovery. Often, cities and nations have bounced back to create a better future. The 1918 flu pandemic was followed by the economic prosperity of the roaring 20s. After the second world war, the German economy grew to become the world’s most advanced. Following the 2010 earthquakes, Christchurch shook off its conservative reputation to become a place where “everything is possible”.

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