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Coronavirus and the future of live events | COVID-19 Special

Concert halls and stadiums are reopening for performances and festivals in some countries. But not for everyone at once and there are lots of new rules to follow. The entertainment industry is desperate to get business going again. Many musicians aren't covered by government schemes to support freelancers and have had no other source of income during lockdown. The aid that has trickled down to some performers is for a limited time only and the crisis is open ended. Subscribe: www.youtube.com/user/deutschewelleenglish?sub_confirmation=1 For more news go to: www.dw.com/en/ Follow DW on social media: ►Facebook: www.facebook.com/deutschewellenews/ ►Twitter: twitter.com/dwnews ►Instagram: www.instagram.com/dw_stories/ Für Videos in deutscher Sprache besuchen Sie: www.youtube.com/channel/deutschewelle
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