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Coronavirus Australia live update: Scott Morrison announces 20m more Pfizer vaccine doses after problems with AstraZeneca-led rollout

Vaccine rollout faces delays as authorities scramble to secure alternatives to AstraZeneca such as Pfizer for under-50s over blood clot fears. Follow updates live

Scott Morrison on what the National Cabinet discussed:

We discussed the recalibration of our vaccination program because of the advise from a– advice from ATAGI today and that was a constructive discussion and already today States and Territories are working with the Commonwealth to that end. Our focus remains on the delivery of 1A and 1B cohorts for the vaccination roll out.

This is particularly important because we’re substantively talking here about people who are over the age of 50 and as Professor Murphy reminded us today that includes many health worker, many health workers that are in front-line roles whether working in aged care facilities or otherwise within the health system and particularly amongst the nursing community.

Scott Morrison moves to the AstraZeneca advisory:

The decision of the Commonwealth Government, because it is a matter for the Commonwealth Government to accept the advice of ATAGI on these matters, was understood and supported and I want to stress again that the advice that has been received, the recommendations that have been received from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation is not a ban on the AstraZeneca vaccine, it is not a prohibition on the AstraZeneca vaccine, it recommends and notes that the risk of these side effects are remote. They are very rare.

We are talking in the vicinity of five to six per million which is a rather rare event. But it must be acknowledged.

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