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Coronavirus live: cases rising in Europe after 10 weeks of decline; 400,000 in UK have had long Covid for a year

Figures show day-to-day activity of 634,000 people in UK affected by long Covid; WHO: 10-week decline in Covid cases in Europe has come to an end; health clinics in Moscow to begin offering booster vaccines

Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who revealed the NSA’s mass surveillance program, writes that “the greatest conspiracies are open and notorious” but they are normalised throughout society.

The greatest conspiracies are open and notorious – not theories, but practices expressed through law and policy, technology and finance. Counterintuitively, these conspiracies are more often than not announced in public and with a modicum of pride. They’re dutifully reported in our newspapers; they’re bannered on to the covers of our magazines; updates on their progress are scrolled across our screens – all with such regularity as to render us unable to relate the banality of their methods to the rapacity of their ambitions.

Most of the taxonomies of conspiracy-thinking are based on the logic that most intelligence agencies use when they spread disinformation, treating falsity and fiction as levers of influence and confusion that can plunge a populace into powerlessness, making them vulnerable to new beliefs – and even new governments.

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Turkey is today making eligible for third doses of a Covid vaccine people aged above 50, and healthcare workers, following an announcement by the country’s health minister yesterday.

Turkish health minister Dr Fahrettin Koca tweeted: “Our citizens aged 50 and over who have been vaccinated for two doses, as well as our healthcare professionals, will be able to make an appointment with the vaccine they want and the 3rd dose vaccine starting tomorrow.”

Our people and health workers will be able to choose any vaccine they want regardless of what they received in the previous two doses.

People who have tested positive for Covid-19 had to wait six months to become eligible for a vaccine. That period has now been shortened to three months.

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