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Coronavirus live news: Iran posts new record daily cases; Philippines gearing up for strictest lockdown

Iran reports more than 37,000 cases of coronavirus in 24 hours for the first time; Manila hospitals reach ‘critical levels’

Cases in the UK have fallen further to 21,952 on Monday, while 24 people died after having been infected.

Cases were down from 24,470 yesterday and are down 27% compared to the previous week.

Criminals have obviously seen the pandemic as an opportunity to meddle in Italy’s health system. Following the hacking of vaccination booking websites reported today, police have announced the arrests of nine people accused of rigging contracts to benefit the ‘Ndrangheta mafia.

“Suspects, in the midst of the pandemic crisis, embezzled anti-Covid-19 personal protective equipment, even taking them away from health staff enlisted in the emergency,” police wrote in a statement, reported by AFP.

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