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Coronavirus live news: Kim Jong-un warns of ‘grave incident’ in North Korea; France ‘likely to see fourth wave’

North Korean leader says there is ‘huge crisis’ in antivirus fight; French government’s leading scientific adviser blames Delta variant

Brazil saw a fall in life expectancy by 1.3 years last year amid the pandemic, returning to 2014 levels, with that figure continuing to widen slightly, according to a new report in the journal Nature Medicine.

The New York Times reports that Brazil has reported more than 514,000 deaths from Covid-19, a reported death toll surpassed only by that in the US which has lost more than 604,000 people.

When intense shocks like a pandemic or war occur, life expectancy drops, but it often rebounds quickly. This was the case with the 1918 influenza pandemic in the US, when [life expectancy at birth] in 1919 was higher than in 1917, likely due, in part, to selective mortality of individuals with tuberculosis. We argue that, in the case of COVID-19 in Brazil, the rebound will not happen in 2021, and the pre-pandemic trajectory of annual gains in [life expectancy at birth] will likely slow down.

The Associated Press has this dispatch from a prison in Florida, reporting that there are few suggestions that US correctional institutions have made significant reforms and changes to better deal with future waves of Covid infection after an estimated half a million people in prisons contracted the virus and 3,000 died.

Derrick Johnson had a makeshift mask. He had the spray bottle of bleach and extra soap that corrections officers provided. But he still spent every day crammed in a unit with 63 other men in a Florida prison, crowding into hallways on their way to meals and sleeping feet from one another at night.

As the coronavirus ravaged the Everglades Correctional Institution, Johnson was surrounded by the sounds of coughing and requests for Tylenol. And while he thought a lot of the prison’s policies were ineffective at protecting prisoners, he also wondered if that was the best the facility could do.

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