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Coronavirus live news: pandemic is ‘not even close to being over’, warns WHO chief

In more bad news for British holidaymakers hoping to get to Greece, the few flights that had been scheduled to islands that are particularly popular with UK travellers are in the process of being cancelled.

Local media on the Ionian isle of Cephalonia said the Greek government’s decision to further extend the ban on airlinks from the UK would affect at least six flights – all due to arrive up and until 15 July.

The no frills airline, Ryanair, which had lined up two flights out of London’s Stansted airport on the 5 and 12 July, will be the first to be hit by the decision.

Easyjet and TUI had similarly been forced to reschedule programs until late July and early August, respectively, according to the reports.

The continued suspension of commercial airlinks with the UK and Sweden follows Athens’ announcement that it will adopt ‘smart testing’ to help detect possible passengers infected with the virus.

Under a new protocol requiring all travellers to complete obligatory questionnaires 48 hours prior to boarding planes, those entering the country will be given scannable barcodes.

Depending on the uploaded information, the barcodes will determine whether travellers should be tested or not.

Those who are sent to screening areas and ultimately subject to covid-19 tests will have to isolate while waiting for results.

Any breach of the isolation rule will result in a €5,000 fine.

The coronavirus pandemic has intensified the effects of the hostile environment on undocumented migrants in the UK, with many experiencing loss of income, unsafe working conditions and scared to seek help if they have the virus, a report has found.

The Kanlungan Filipino Consortium and human rights charity RAPAR uncovered evidence of exploitative employment and overcrowded living conditions, making physical distancing impossible.

More than half of Filipino migrants surveyed had lost all of their work and income and others were paid as little as £2 an hour. One was living in a five-bedroom flat with 13 other people, all of whom had Covid-19 symptoms.

Out of the 78 respondents, 59 of whom were undocumented, 13 had experienced coronavirus symptoms but only one had sought medical care, highlighting fears about costs and/or being reported to the immigration authorities.

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