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Coronavirus live news: Trump aide Stephen Miller tests positive as White House outbreak spreads

Here is a statement taken for granted: Donald Trump will have the best care available for his diagnosis of Covid-19. In a literal sense that is true – he will have an attentive, round-the-clock medical team. This is essential for any ill president.

But in medicine there are many cautionary tales of “VIP syndrome” – the special treatment given by doctors to the wealthy, famous, powerful or politically connected and how that does not always lead to the best medical outcomes.

“In the case of President Trump … you can see the countertransference,” said Dr Andrés Martin, a professor of psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine’s child study center, referring to the feelings a doctor might have toward a patient. “If I screw up, or if I piss him off, is he going to treat me like Biden?”

Trump’s medical team will face a veritable minefield as they attempt to form an alliance with the commander-in-chief, a notoriously demanding, publicity-conscious patient who views disease as personal weakness, and diet and exercise with suspicion:

Speaking of exorbitant wealth, authorities have poured cold water on an audacious plan to fence off a chunk of Bondi beach over summer for an exclusive “Euro beach chic” club aimed at surgeons, bankers and models.

The Amalfi Beach Club is proposing to erect a private area on southern end of the iconic beach, where 100 guests, each paying $80 for two hours of entry, would be served food and drinks.

But Waverley council, in response to media coverage of the plan, has clarified that it received and rejected the Amalfi Beach Club’s first proposal, which was lodged in May.

While it is now considering a subsequent proposal, the initial concept was previously deemed “unsuitable” by council officers for a number of reasons, including concerns about mixing drinking with swimming during the peak beach season, as well as the alcohol-free status of the site.

According to the proposal, the Amalfi Beach Club would target “high net worth” individuals between 25 and 45, with “high disposable income”.

Its organisers expect typical male patrons to be “aspirational professionals such as doctors, surgeons, members of the finance industry”, while it expects women who visit the club to “occupy a similar high-end platform in areas of publishing, advertising, fashion, beauty and modelling”.

Speaking to Guardian Australia, Janek Gazecki, the Bondi-based organiser of Urban Polo events who is behind the proposal, said while it was inspired by Mykonos, Capri and St Tropez, Amalfi Beach Club was mostly an attempt to “boost local morale” and help businesses recover from the impact of Covid-19:

The world’s billionaires “did extremely well” during the coronavirus pandemic, growing their already-huge fortunes to a record high of $10.2tn (£7.8tn).

A report by Swiss bank UBS found that billionaires increased their wealth by more than a quarter (27.5%) at the height of the crisis from April to July, just as millions of people around the world lost their jobs or were struggling to get by on government schemes.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, UK’s richest person, moves to tax-free MonacoRead more

The report found that billionaires had mostly benefited from betting on the recovery of global stock markets when they were at their nadir during the global lockdowns in March and April. UBS said billionaires’ wealth had hit “a new high, surpassing the previous peak of $8.9tn reached at the end of 2017”. The number of billionaires has also hit a new high of 2,189, up from 2,158 in 2017:

Here is the full story on Stephen Miller testing positive:

Stephen Miller, a top aide to Donald Trump, has tested positive for Covid-19, joining a growing a growing list of figures close to the president who have contracted the virus as the White House scrambles to contain a growing outbreak.

“Over the last 5 days I have been working remotely and self-isolating, testing negative every day through yesterday. Today, I tested positive for Covid-19 and am in quarantine,” Miller said in a statement.

More than a dozen White House officials and others in the president’s orbit have tested positive for the virus. Earlier this year, Miller’s wife, Katie Miller – who is Mike Pence’s press secretary – contracted the virus.

Miller, who has served as a policy adviser and speechwriter for Trump, was among the most ardent defenders of the administration’s policy to separate children from parents:

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