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Coronavirus live: passports ‘needed to keep England venues open’; Vietnam says city residents must get vaccine

England vaccines minister says passes needed for nightclubs and mass events; Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi residents must receive one dose by 15 September

AP reports on Mississippi, whose low vaccinated rate, with about 38% of the state’s three million people fully inoculated against Covid-19, is driving a surge in cases and hospitalisations and overwhelming medical workers.

Dr Risa Moriarity, executive vice-chair of the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s emergency department:

There’s no point in being judgmental in that situation. There’s no point in telling them: ‘you should have gotten the vaccine or you wouldn’t be here’. We don’t do that. We try not to preach and lecture them. Some of them are so sick they can barely even speak to us.

Nearly 50 shops closed a day in the first half of the year, a survey conducted for accountancy firm PwC found.

PA reports that figures collected by the Local Data Company showed 8,739 shops shut across Britain in the first half of the year. With 3,488 opening in the same period, this reflected a net decrease of 5,251.

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