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Covid live: 31,564 new cases in UK; EU set to accept NHS pass as proof of vaccination

UK figures show 203 further deaths have been reported; UK officials say Brussels will recognise NHS pass as equivalent to EU’s own

Delta is by far the dominant strain of Covid-19, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), having overwhelmed the other three variants of concern, which now represent a tiny proportion of cases.

First identified in India, the Delta variant is far more infectious than the previously dominant Alpha variant, initially identified in Kent.

Less than one percent each of Alpha, Beta and Gamma are currently circulating.

It’s really predominantly Delta around the world. Delta has become more fit, it is more transmissible and it is out-competing.

Turkey recorded 29,338 Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, the highest number of daily infections since 30 April, along with 260 new deaths.

The daily death toll since mid-July has been among the sharpest of countries in Europe and the Middle East, Reuters reports.

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