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Covid live news: half of all adults in England under 30 now jabbed; Delta variant warning for Europe

More than 4.2 million people aged between 18 and 29 in England have received vaccine; scientist warns of spread of Delta variant across Europe

Germany expects Moderna to deliver vaccines faster than previously thought, helping it ramp up vaccinations in coming months, the health ministry has said. Reuters reports:

Moderna will increase its deliveries to 1.33m doses a week in July from 733,000 previously expected, raising the figure to 2.57m a week in August and 2.95m a week in September, the ministry said.

Moderna said last week it hopes to be able to deliver the vaccines it has promised to Germany more quickly than originally planned, without giving figures.

The professor said there is not yet strong enough evidence to change definitions of Covid-19 symptoms. He told the BBC the UK was “monitoring the symptom clusters” seen in people testing positive for the disease.

At the moment, there is some suggestion that the symptom profile might be slightly different, but not any evidence that’s strong enough yet to change the case definitions in the recommendations.

We’ve seen Sydney reintroduce lockdown measures, we’ve seen Israel reintroduce masks, we’ve seen the Alpha variant and now we’ve seen the Delta variant and how many letters are in the alphabet? We will see many more.

So we have to expect that it will be a bumpy road out and that there will be twists and turns that we’re not wishing to see.

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