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Covid live: public in England expected to wear masks when measures lift; Indonesia reports 1,007 daily deaths

UK minister says mask guidance indoors is set to stay in England; Indonesian death toll rises to total of 66,464 after deadly day

Stephen Reicher, also a member of the Sage subcommittee advising on behavioural science, is even more clear that he thinks the government is making a major mistake lifting all coronavirus restrictions:

Johnson’s ‘make it easier for the virus as cases are surging’ policy is wrong
He knows it is wrong.
People know it is wrong
He knows that people know it is wrong
The only question is whether and how soon he acknowledges all this
And whether it is too late…

Susan Mitchie, a professor of health psychology at University College London and part of the Covid-19 behavioural science team, isn’t overly impressed with Zahawi’s statement this morning that people will be “expected to” wear masks on public transport and in enclosed spaces.

What does ‘expected to’ mean? The question is whether the current legal requirement continues or not …

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