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Covid live: UK records 36,100 new cases; Pfizer vaccine safe for children aged 5-11, company says

UK also reports 49 further deaths; Pfizer says their vaccine produces strong antibody responses in children aged 5 to 11

Boris Johnson has used a meeting with Brazil’s coronavirus-denying president to promote Covid vaccinations – only to undermine his message by failing to wear a face mask, report Peter Walker and Tom Phillips.

The UK prime minister met Jair Bolsonaro – who has been accused of sabotaging Brazilian vaccination efforts and claims not to have been jabbed – at the British consulate general’s residence in New York on Monday, on the eve of the United Nations general assembly.

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The two Australian jurisdictions grappling with the most severe Covid outbreaks, New South Wales and Victoria, have revealed their plans for reopening, providing those living with lockdown with some sense of what the future may hold.

Both states will ease some restrictions once 70% of the eligible population age 16 and above are fully vaccinated, with further easing at 80%. But when will those targets be reached, and how and why do the plans differ?

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