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Dear Gavin Williamson, now we know your plans for Covid-safe classrooms … er, um | Michael Rosen

A car-crash interview revealed the lack of action over ventilation in English schools

I wonder if you’ve looked back at your car-crash interview on BBC Breakfast with Charlie Stayt this week? He put in front of you a scenario that may well face teachers going into the new term during the pandemic: a room in a school, with no windows. In that room, as Stayt reminded you, is a teacher and some pupils. You didn’t suggest this situation would not take place. I know why: over the years, schools have had to improvise for space with all sorts of alcoves, partitions and corners, dividing up rooms so that small-group teaching can take place. Sometimes these teaching spaces don’t have windows. There have been times when I’ve done writing workshops in such places. I know they exist. I think you do, too.

Once Stayt had put this image in front of you – a room with no windows, no ventilation, as he put it – he asked: what should that teacher do?

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