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Dear Gavin Williamson, pupils are not the only ones who need to ‘catch up’. You do, too| Michael Rosen

Please reassure us schools will be safe and you will soon be on top of the GCSE and A-levels situation this year

I hope you have tooled up your rhetoric during this lockdown: millions of parents deserve sympathy and congratulations for the work we’ve been putting in trying to help our children cope with the over-burdened curriculum that previous governments foisted on schools. This is to take nothing from teachers who, in many cases, have had to do a double job: teach the offspring of key workers, while providing online lessons and work for those at home. Perhaps you’re saving yourself for when schools are fully open, when you’ll make a rousing speech that will fill us all with a sense of achievement.

First, though, have you sorted out the safety problem? The latest indication is that children aged five to 12 are now one of most common groups for coronavirus infection. How sure are you that infected pupils, some asymptomatic, will not pass Covid to the adults in their lives: parents, grandparents who live with them and teachers? A clear statement, backed by strong evidence, would be helpful.

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