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Digested week: I can see the light at the end of my lockdown tunnel | Lucy Mangan

Though just as you usher your own children off to school, manbaby Piers Morgan fills the void

They’ve … wait, just let me check no one’s coming back for a forgotten coat or bus pass or … no. No, all is well. They’ve, they’ve gone. It’s 8 March, a date forever to be inscribed on parental hearts. My husband has taken our child to school. School-school. No creeping like a snail (I know it’s really “creeping like snail” – I went to school-school on the non-pandemic regular and was taught it there, but it sounds wrong and stupid and you know it does, so don’t write in) unwillingly. After eleventy billion days of locked down home schooling, the nine-year-old and his father went like lightning. The only thing faster was me shutting the door behind them.

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