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Digested week: practice doesn’t make perfect for Boris Johnson apology | John Crace

PM still did not sound entirely sincere over Partygate – and later proved repentance was skin deep

With impeccable timing I managed to get Covid just a few weeks after the government announced that as far as it was concerned the pandemic was over. So, no more press conferences, no more nightly death tolls on the news bulletins. From now on we are all on our own, which is why I never bothered to confirm my lateral flow test with a PCR or register my infection online. The illness itself was not too bad. Hacking cough, flu-like symptoms, confined to bed for several days and brain fog. Certainly a lot less severe than many people I know who have had it. Though not as mild as my 98-year-old mother, who has just shrugged off Covid like a gentle cold for the second time. She’s made of stronger stuff.

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