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Dominic Cummings’ witness statement on Public First: key excerpts

Extracts from former No 10 adviser’s statement provided to judicial review of contract given to firm run by his ‘friends’

Dominic Cummings’ 10-page witness statement was submitted to the high court as part of the Cabinet Office defence of a judicial review of the contract awarded to Public First. Below are verbatim excerpts, edited to distil his explanation of his role in the process. It begins with the opening line of the section titled “Prior knowledge of Public First”.

I am friends with James Frayne, Rachel Wolf and Gabriel Milland [partners at Public First]. I have not met James Frayne since 2016. I have previously worked with them in government and outside. For example, both James Frayne and Gabriel Milland worked at the Department for Education (“DfE”) when I was special adviser at DfE (2011-2015).

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