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Dreaming of a Covid-free Christmas? How to stay safe over festive season

Cases are rising, but this year there aren’t any restrictions on how we party. We ask experts for their advice

Christmas is coming, party season is upon us, and for the first time since 2019 the government grinches aren’t telling us what to do. For two successive festive seasons during the pandemic, officials across the UK issued rules to limit Covid’s spread. This year, there are none. Off you go, enjoy yourselves.

But, while normality is hugely welcome, Covid has not gone away. Infections, while much lower than at their peak, are rising; the number of people in hospital with Covid in England rose by 22% in the past week alone, while admissions for flu are even higher. Meanwhile, the huge cost of long Covid to the country’s health and productivity is ever more apparent. What does it mean for this holiday season? We asked the experts.

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