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Election 2022 live updates: Morrison government’s legacy ‘a toxic miasma of division’, Kooyong challenger says

Josh Frydenberg debates Kooyong challenger Monique Ryan; Dutton and O’Connor face off over defence at National Press Club; Labor accuses Coalition of ‘cynical and stupid’ lack of attention to Indonesia relationship; Scott Morrison says he doesn’t have a ‘magic pen’ for wages; at least 56 Covid deaths recorded. Follow all the day’s news live

In that exchange, Stuart Robert said he had been acting as the education minister for a year. But Alan Tudge didn’t announce he was stepping down until 2 December last year.

Perhaps the last five months have just felt like a year for Robert.

I’m the acting education minister, and have been for almost 12 months. So I’ve got full authority in terms of running the education portfolio, as well as skills and workplace and the other things that I do.

I suggest in his electorate. I don’t know where he is. I tend not to keep track of my colleagues’ whereabouts.

I’m not across those issues so, unfortunately, I can’t give you any degree of answer. They’re issues that are dealt with by the Department of Finance, very much at arm’s length from anyone. Certainly arm’s length from me. My responsibility as required by the prime minister as the acting education minister and the acting minister for youth, is to use all of those resourcing and requirement and continue to act in the best interests of the people of Australia, which I’ve been doing with my state and territory colleagues. That’s why just before the election, of course, we signed off on the national curriculum, which was a landmark piece of work that we did together as education ministers right across the country.

Again, Lisa, I’m just not across those issues in any detail at all.

I’m still not across what the details are. I’m not across what the legalities are.

Again, I’m not going to comment on things that I’m just not across. I don’t think that the Australian people expect the acting education minister to wade into every issue, especially issues that I’m simply not briefed on. My brief is to ensure that we can get the best possible curriculum and the best possible teacher education quality out of our universities, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

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