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Even in this year of Covid, New York just can’t say no to Thanksgiving | Emma Brockes

Unlike other parts of the US, the city is a model of coronavirus-safe compliance. But now we’re haggling over the holidays

It’s Thanksgiving in the US next week, a dry run for many of us for Christmas, which is to say an opportunity to make peace with not going anywhere or seeing anyone. With a quarter of a million Americans dead and the virus still raging, the sensible course of action is to sit this one out. Order in pizza and wings (with a jumbo tip for your delivery person), load up Disney+ and try to enjoy a few days on the sofa. For nine months, we have been strengthening these muscles; now is the time to use them.

Of course, that is not, in all likelihood, how things will play out. The closure of the public schools in New York this week was a response to the Covid test positivity rate climbing above 3%, but was also, one imagines, put in place in anticipation of a greater surge after Thanksgiving. City-wide school closure makes no real sense given the apparent lack of transmission in schools and the huge variance in test positivity rates between neighbourhoods – my own, in Manhattan, is a shade over 1% with no recorded exposure at our school, while areas of Staten Island are peaking at 6%. It seems bizarre on this basis to shut down the whole system.

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