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Even when getting vaccinated against Covid, fatphobia runs rampant | Ally Garrett

If being fat is enough for people like me to be vaccinated, why isn’t it enough for us to be vaccinated properly?

I’m fat so I get a lot of advice from the internet. I can’t always walk into a shop and get what I need so I have to rely on the kindness of online strangers. I’ve collected tips for the best plus-size tights that won’t fall down and the best potions from the chemist to prevent chub rub, which is what those in the know call chafing in hot weather.

Fat people share healthcare recommendations online almost as much as they share recommendations about well-fitting clothing. Recommendations for GPs who care about your health more than they care about your weight are passed down like heirlooms. Earlier this year online communities started bubbling with speculation about whether a higher BMI would mean earlier access to the Covid-19 vaccine in Australia, as it had in the US and the UK.

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