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Fingered for failings he’d forgotten, Matt Hancock wriggles free

Health secretary off the hook after Dom fails to produce evidence of Covid policy wrongdoings

It wasn’t the seven-hour Netflix mini-series of Dominic Cummings, but it was still a four-hour marathon. It was also something of a mystery. Almost everyone’s recollection of the last year and a half has been of a government playing catchup. Too late to lock down in March 2020, too late to lock down in November 2020, too late to lock down again in January 2021, too late to close the border with India in April 2021 and prevent the Delta variant.

And that’s not to mention the release of untested hospital patients into care homes, shortages of PPE, the billions poured into an – initially at least – inadequate test-and-trace system and 130,000 deaths. Just about the only thing the government got right was its vaccine programme.

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