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First Ladies of Nigeria mobilize around the Global Strategy for Elimination of Cervical Cancer

Nigeria’s First Ladies Against Cancer (FLAC) have issued a statement in support of the Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer as a Public Health Problem. The First Ladies call for bold action to ensure that the strategy’s 90-70-90 targets are achieved for women and girls throughout the country. The statement declares, “we stand ready to work in partnership with other national stakeholders to ensure that these global commitments are taken forward in Nigeria.  As a group of women leaders, we call for early steps in Nigeria, to send a strong signal of the importance of cervical health to women, our communities and our economies despite the COVID-19 pandemic.”

– Read the full statement here

We thank the First Ladies of Nigeria for their support and for their continued advocacy for the safe delivery of these important services.

Read the original article at WHO website

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