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For working single parents like me, Covid is a nightmare that never ends | Tayyaba Siddiqui

The pandemic has been a constant backdrop for me. I live alone with my 10-year-old child. Who will support us if I fall ill?

I am a single parent working in the NHS as a therapy assistant. I help patients get back on their feet and provide rehabilitation support to get them home. During the pandemic they’ve needed me more than ever because they face longer hospital stays, complicated by staff absences and a lack of family visits. I have done my best to offer them extra support during these unprecedented times. It’s paradoxical, then, that there’s no safety net for me.

Covid-19 has been a constant backdrop to my family’s every waking move since the pandemic began. I live alone with my 10-year-old child, who has spent the past two years terrified I will fall ill, leaving them with no one. Sometimes they ask me to stop work and find a job I can do from home. But I cannot. It took me long enough to find this job in the first place.

Tayyaba Siddiqui is a participant in Changing Realities, an Abrdn Financial Fairness Trust-funded project documenting and seeking to improve life on a low income during the cost of living crisis. She was also involved in its predecessor, Covid Realities

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