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Free trees for angling clubs in Cambridgeshire

As part of ongoing flood management it is occasionally necessary for trees and bushes to be removed from flood banks. This is to ensure flood bank assets are able to be maintained and easily assessed for damage.

The Environment Agency’s Flood and Coastal Risk Management team has provided the extra funding to replace any greenery that has been removed due to flood maintenance and pay for additional shrubs and trees.

So far this year Environment Agency officers have helped plant almost 1,000 trees across the Great Ouse and Fenland catchment and would like help from angling clubs to install even more.

Alex Malcolm, Environment Agency fisheries officer in East Anglia, said:
“We know the importance of the interaction of trees and waterbodies as they provide cover and shelter from predation, spawning substance and food sources.

“Additionally when branches fall they can provide fantastic opportunities for cover and provide additional spawning habitat by scouring gravels in high flows.”

The Environment Agency is looking for fishery owners who would be interested in planting trees on their sections of rivers/lakes and would be prepared to take on the maintenance of the trees in the future.

Alex added: “We do have limited funds so we may not be able to help everyone this time around but hope to build a database of suitable fisheries that we can help in the future.

“We will supply the trees or hedge plants free of charge, which will be UK grown native species, along with the appropriate planting materials such as wooden stakes and rabbit guards.

“We would expect the angling club or fishery to arrange the trees to be planted in areas agreed with our team and any associated permits and permissions where needed.”

If you are interested in receiving some trees or hedges for your fishery then email and indicate the name and location of the fishery, why you think this area would be suitable for tree planting and your contact details.

This work wouldn’t be possible without fishing licence money so make sure you buy yours here:

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