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‘Gathering’ storm: ministers’ party pieces fail to convince | John Crace

Sajid Javid and Mike Ellis both claim nothing untoward happened at events that did not take place

The day off didn’t seem to have done much to improve Sajid Javid’s mood. The health secretary had cancelled his slots on the Wednesday morning media round on the grounds that he was “too upset” to appear.

Upset not so much by the Downing Street lie rehearsal video, but more by Boris Johnson’s enthusiasm for getting other people to cover up for him. Cowardice is one of Boris’s more unreported qualities. For once the Saj had said no – the prime minister could do his own dirty work if he was so keen to have someone from the government on the airwaves – but he hadn’t had the self-worth to tell Johnson to sod off two days running. And he hated himself for it.

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