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German authorities ban mass gathering against coronavirus measures in Berlin | DW News

Authorities have banned large-scale demonstrations in Berlin against measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The organizers had called a new protest this coming Saturday – and thousands were expected to attend.
At a demonstration at the start of this month in Berlin, police said many people taking part had ignored rules on social distancing and the wearing of face masks – putting public health at risk. The protesters include anti-vaccination activists and conspiracy theorists, but also some of Germany's most notorious right-wing groups. Subscribe: www.youtube.com/user/deutschewelleenglish?sub_confirmation=1 For more news go to: www.dw.com/en/ Follow DW on social media: ►Facebook: www.facebook.com/deutschewellenews/ ►Twitter: twitter.com/dwnews ►Instagram: www.instagram.com/dw_stories/ Für Videos in deutscher Sprache besuchen Sie: www.youtube.com/channel/deutschewelle
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