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GP receptionists like me shouldn’t have to play God with who gets the Covid vaccine. The abuse we receive is profound | A medical receptionist

No, we don’t have ‘spares’ or a secret stash of Pfizer hidden away in a cupboard. And just because something was announced on TV, doesn’t mean I can do it

Pre-Covid I was just a medical receptionist. Post-Covid I am a crowd control officer, bouncer, first aid supervisor, call centre operator and therapist.

It all started last year when a popular radio jock announced in February that we all needed to get flu vaccines to help if you got Covid. Yet they were not released by the Department of Health until April. We had two months of thousands of phone calls explaining we could not book something we didn’t have. The incessant phone ringing lingered for hours after I finished work. When the flu vaccine finally arrived we booked as many people as possible. By June it had finally settled.

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