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Grandad was a champion weightlifter in his youth. I hope his resilience rubs off on me | Ben O’Mara

Illness and age have not dented his passion for family, or his love of exercise, even with such limitations on his body

Grandad and I used to catch up every few months or so. Back then, we both lived in the same city, and I would ride my bicycle to his facility before catching a cab with him to the local pub. Over a hearty meal (always his shout) Grandad would update me on what vegetables were ripe in his garden, how he’d spent time with my mum, and his beloved trips to the gym. He was a champion weightlifter in the early 1950s. We would talk often about using exercise to help us feel balanced when life gets rough. Talking about exercise together is something we’ve done for most of my life.

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